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MLL SERVICES is your local expert for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning in Coffs Harbour and the surrounding region.

Operating for just over 20 years in our region and with 40 years of personal experience, Mark James of MLL SERVICES is a Master Contractor with expert skills and a vast knowledge of residential and commercial air conditioning, as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration.

MLL Services is Coffs Harbour Authourised Installer and Warranty Agent for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

We use Sanair products to purify indoor air quality. Sanair works to eradicate the mould, bacteria and viruses that can grow in your air-con system.

Ask us to explain: How an 'Inverter' system saves money on energy consumption compared to older, non-inverter systems. We can decide if your home is more suited to a console split system, ducted or a bulkhead air conditioner. Whether you're mainly concerned about heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, MLL SERVICES knows just how to help you.
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Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

For commercial projects, a consultation with MLL SERVICES will ensure the correct guidance and that you understand critical information through the myriad requirements of BASICs compliance + What refrigerant gases are sustainable and cost-effective + Viability of Natural refrigerants + What terms, such as MEPs, COP, EER, mean at the design level - before we build you a fully functional refrigeration or air-conditioning solution for your business.

Whether you're a large supermarket, a small corner store, a busy restaurant, a farmer or wholesaler, we can arrange supply, custom build and/or advice on energy-efficient chilling systems for your refrigerated storage.

We build cool rooms from scratch and can modify existing rooms as your storage needs grow.

We are ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) accredited to distinguish our dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly systems.