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Air Conditioner Service Coffs Harbour

Contact Mark or Louise of MLL SERVICES for expert and honest, genuine old-fashioned service. We cover Coffs Harbour, Macksville, Bellingen and Dorrigo, providing sales, installations and servicing for air conditioners, cool & freezer rooms, milk vats, beer systems, supermarket and retail refrigeration & air conditioning.
An Air Conditioning contractor working on a roof in Coffs Harbour

Air Conditioning Installation

We will consider all job enquiries no matter how large or small. From the local corner store to large commercial processing or wholesaler storage, MLL SERVICES can confidently and expertly design and install state-of-the-art refrigeration or air-conditioning systems for your home or business.

Understanding our customer's specific needs and functional requirements is key to every installation success. We carry out rigorous consultations for all new work, making sure requirements and outcomes are thoroughly communicated and understood, ensuring your needs are met with 100% satisfaction.

Once we have designed a cost-effective solution for your refrigeration or air-conditioning needs, our qualified tradespeople will install it for you.

After the system is installed and commissioned, our friendly team will guide you on the operating systems so you can easily manage and monitor operating temperatures and plant status.
Commercial Refrigeration equipment in a building in Coffs Harbour
The rear of a commercial refrigerator in a store in Coffs Harbour

Refrigeration Maintenance

MLL has a network of experienced professionals that are constantly up-to-date with changing technologies, as well as regulatory OH&S requirements and marketplace trends, to make sure these developments are passed onto our clients.

We have a small office team to help answer your questions and a dedicated mobile team in the field for the hands-on skills and duties of day-to-day commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration demands.

We understand that a refrigeration breakdown can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in wasted stock and profits. Therefore regular maintenance is essential to keep systems running smoothly.

A maintenance program takes some of the hassle out of running your business, with one less thing to think about.

If you require replacement refrigeration parts, we usually have them in a service vehicle, ready to use, or in our spares store - eliminating the risk of breakdown.

MLL can discuss energy-saving products and highly efficient new technologies, which will reduce your energy bills relating to refrigeration and air-conditioning power consumption.

Whether it's a milk vat, a supermarket freezer or refrigerated storage, we offer guaranteed options that will SAVE YOU POWER.
An air conditioning unit floating

Air Conditioners & Air Purification

Statistics confirm hundreds of thousands of air conditioners have been installed over the past 10 to 15 years. Many of the earlier home systems are power-hungry, often noisy, and generally look rather dated.

With the average life expectancy of a quality air conditioner being around 10 years, when the time comes to consider replacing your home cooling and heating system one of the experienced MLL team members will lead you through the choices.

Whether you're after technical advice on a repair, looking for a replacement air conditioner or have an insurance claim for damage due to fusion, we will visit your home and assess the damage.

Nine times out of 10 an old AC isn't worth repairing, in which case we'll prepare the paperwork and quote for a replacement unit to send to your insurance company. All our installations are carried out by qualified, experienced tradespeople.

The MLL team understands that airborne health risks are a real issue in air conditioners - especially flourishing in the sub-tropical, humid Mid North Coast conditions.

Air conditioners can harbour bacteria and particularly mould, often encouraging mould growth due to the higher evaporating coil temperatures that are inherent with 'Inverter' technology.

MLL can purify conditioned air within your household by using a Sanair to boost air quality. Sanair kills the mould and bacteria on the spot!